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TORUS - Rhombic Implosion

via Jain 108 Academy ------- TORUS - Rhombic Implosion

Is it possible that the strong and starkly rigid, masculine edges of multiple rhombi and cubes, can compress and squeeze down into a ring, into a torus, can it shape-shift and reassemble into another geometry in fear that it may not survive the implosion getting sucked into another portal, or realm or innerverse where form may be formless, and visible may be invisible? As it is collapsing, there is only one memory, one thought to hang onto, its central hexagon core, some star of david connection, some unicursal hexagram acting as a thread, a sutra, that can help it navigate to where it once came from, or has its reality changed forever? Can we ever go back to the place or comfort zone, or planet or womb or family, from where we emerged from? These are the questions that Sacred Geometry asks? ("sacred" here does not mean religious, but that which is permanent).

Jain 108 Image via Joan Carles Salvà-Trobat


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