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ecology of man


"Human ecology also implies something very profound: the necessary relationship of human life with the moral law inscribed in its own nature, an essential relationship to create a more dignified environment. Benedict XVI said that there is an "ecology of man" because "man also has a nature that must respect and cannot manipulate at pleasure". In this line, we must recognize that our body puts us in a direct relationship with the environment and with other living beings. Acceptance of one's body as a gift from God is necessary to welcome and accept the whole world as a gift from the Father and common home; instead a logic of dominion over one's body turns into a sometimes subtle logic of dominion over the creation."

From the encyclical "Laudato yes".

This "man's ecology" presents remarkable parallels with the "ecology of the mind " dotted by Gregory Bateson. Wanting to become an absolute master, of himself and of the world, is a delirium of omnipotence that can only end badly...

Picture from the "Book of Hours for Rome"

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