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Bringers of the Dawn

via @Pleiadian-Library ------- Those of you who are ancients-who are the masters awakening as you awaken, we want you to be able to see out of the ancient eyes and to awaken something that you know, something that you remember, something that is deep inside. You are going to need to trust yourself and rely upon yourself. You need to be able to see, to understand What you are seeing, and to translate the grander vision for others. You' will come to an understanding or a vast implosion of consciousness that will move you to know who you have always been. It is up to you and only you to undo the locks and allow yourselves to go forward. We have spoken about your beliefs and the importance of thought. We emphasize over and over again that you are a result of thought, that thought is, and that this is the essence of understanding, manipulating, and working within your world. When you begin to take this process from the intellect and put it inside the body, and when you begin to commit to live your life this way, then the ancient eyes will really begin to see. As you begin to view your soul's history, your identity in this particular body-the "I"-may seem to be very insignificant. You had a magnificent essence expressed on this planet in very ancient times, and there is so much more going on than you can presently perceive. It is as if existence is a book three feet thick and you are on the first couple of pages on this planet with the awakening of the New Age. You are going to go through this whole book in your lifetimes.

~Bringers of the Dawn~ Barbara Marciniak art: unknown (


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