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Adoration of the Shepherds, Abraham Hondius

via Desposyni Gnosis ------- THE CHRIST

“The Gnostic Church adores the Savior of the world, called Jesus. The Gnostic Church knows that Jesus incarnated the CHRIST, and that is why they adore him. CHRIST is not a human or divine being. CHRIST is a tittle given to ALL FULLY REALIZED MASTERS. CHRIST is the army of the voice. CHRIST IS THE WORD. The WORD is far beyond the body, the soul and the spirit. Everyone who is able to incarnate the word receives the title of CHRIST. CHRIST IS THE WORD ITSELF. Everyone of us must incarnate the Word. When the Word becomes flesh in us we speak with the Word of light. Several MASTERS have incarnated the CHRIST. The difference between Jesus and the others MASTERS that also incarnated the CHRIST has to do with HIERARCHY. Jesus is the highest SOLAR INITIATE OF THE COSMOS.”

Samael Aún Weor The Perfect Matrimony Art: Adoration of the Shepherds, Abraham Hondius, 1663


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