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via Adept Initiates ------- “In fact, however, the dignity of the liberal arts, which I am about to discuss, and their value to us is attested not only by the Mosaic and Christian mysteries but also by the theologies of the most ancient times. What else is to be understood by the stages through which the initiates must pass in the mysteries of the Greeks? These initiates, after being purified by the arts which we might call expiatory, moral philosophy and dialectic, were granted admission to the mysteries. What could such admission mean but the interpretation of occult nature by means of philosophy? Only after they had been prepared in this way did they receive ``Epopteia,'' that is, the immediate vision of divine things by the light of theology. Who would not long to be admitted to such mysteries? Who would not desire, putting all human concerns behind him, holding the goods of fortune in contempt and little minding the goods of the body, thus to become, while still a denizen of earth, a guest at the table of the gods, and, drunk with the nectar of eternity, receive, while still a mortal, the gift of immortality? Who would not wish to be so inspired by those Socratic frenzies which Plato sings in the Phaedrus that, swiftly fleeing this place, that is, this world fixed in evil, by the oars, so to say, both of feet and wings, he might reach the heavenly Jerusalem”

-Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola


via Wisdom Bread 智慧麵包 ------- Why most people can't reach their long-term goal

為什麼大多數人都無法達成長遠的目標? 「而這一分鐘,改變了他的命運...」 Credit: Tom Bilyeu Speaker: John Assaraf 亞薩拉夫(John Assaraf )是一位著名的思維與行為專家,是國際暢銷書作家、講師、企業顧問。 剪輯/翻譯: 智慧麵包 #智慧麵包 #長遠目標


via Adept Initiates ------- A VERY POWERFUL KING

"To show a very Powerful king, they draw a Serpent represented as the cosmos, with its Tail in its mouth and the name of the King written in the middle of the coils, thus intimating That the king rules over the Cosmos. And the name of the serpent among the Egyptians is Meisi"


Image: unknown

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