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Family of Light

via Pleiadian Library ------- The great waves of energy that move through your systems are changing each of you on a physiological level. You are being changed as a planet. This is why we, as Pleiadian kin, come to you now. As we sought to know more about ourselves, we found avenues to meet you. We began to understand that by meeting and working with you and placing a wedge of energy and attention into your world, we could understand ourselves. If there is anything we have learned in our journey through existence, it is the certainty that reality exists as a mirror. Some of you will say, "Ah, yes, we know that, we have heard it before in many many terms: What you put out is what you get back. Thought creates. You create your own reality." At this point this is a very deep and important concept to grasp, for it is truly one of the greatest continuing laws of existence. The reason we are here addressing the subject of the absurdity of your times and the fall of your civilization is because you are taking power and destroying yourselves, rather than creating universes. Many forms of life know about this power because the universe is vast, and the galaxy is abuzz with consciousness. Many of you know that you are connected to star systems that hold intelligent life, and that on all the planets of your solar system intelligent life exists in some form or another. Reality is a mirror, and anything you decide to create can work if you believe in your power and have a few tricks up your sleeve! Our intention is to offer you a few tricks of the trade, a few lessons in living so that you can move through these most tumultuous times.

~Family of Light~ Barbara Marciniak (

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