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Examples of Radial (or Rotational) Movement creating symmetry of life


Examples of Radial (or Rotational) Movement creating symmetry of life.

Radial symmetry or balance is a type of balance in which the parts of an object or image are regularly arranged and radiate from a central point. This kind of symmetry appears both in the natural world and in objects made by humans (for example, sacred arts in temples around the world, used to express the Natural Laws of Creation).

Radial symmetry is just one of three types of equilibrium that exist. The others are Reflective or Bilateral Symmetry and Asymmetry.

Objects that have radial symmetry can be divided equally, for example, as in a pizza. Each equal piece of a pizza is also a congruent shape. Congruent shapes are exactly the same in size and shape.

DNA cross-section, electron diffraction patterns, ice crystals, minerals, vegetables, plants, fruits, diatoms, spider webs, eyeballs, planetary and galactic orbital patterns are natural examples of radial symmetry induced by radial vibratory movement.

The Science of Cymatics (study of visible sound, proves the relationship between the laws of vibration and the laws of morphogenesis (formation of biological tissues), also presenting the same patterns of radial symmetry.

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