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10 Planetary Pathways From Earth To Heaven

via Jain 108 Academy ------- TREE OF LIFE: 10 Planetary Pathways From Earth To Heaven

The Tree Of Life is an ancient Hebrew description of the many worlds based on 10 Globes or Spheres of Consciousness called Sephirot (or planetary energies). It has 3 columns or pillars that represent a series of divine emanations of God's Creation, describes certain Pathways how to get from Malkuth to Kether (or Earth to Heaven). Interconnecting these 10 globes are 22 Pathways attributed to the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Its purpose is to reveal divinity and knowledge of the Human Soul so the Human can Ascend or rise. It is also known as The Qaballah or Cabala. The ladder of 10 Spheres or Planets are attributed to specific crystals and geometric patterns which is why certain jewelleries would enhance specific steps of the Journey. (I personally believe that the original Tree Of Life was made up of 12 Spheres or Sephirot was a shadow of its higher Dimensional form composed of the 5 Platonic Solids. Sometimes sacred or hidden knowledge is altered or downgraded so the Universe’s secrets do not go into the wrong hands).

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